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Yelling, or the Silent Treatment? An Affair, or just Silly Arguments? Money Issues? 

I love it when people bring their yelling into session. No, really, I do. Not that we let it last or do any damage, but that way, I know that people are honestly letting me get a first peek at the "nitty gritty" details of what is coming between them. I quickly provide a safe and comfortably paced space to hold the pain and also all the hope for understanding that people bring to couples therapy. 

I know it hurts so much at the start, for many people, especially if there has been betrayal, loss of trust, hurtful angry or abusive content, and the very opposite of how you originally presumed your relationship would go. 

Often, we can fix these things, if people are willing, or we can find a way to humanistically decouple, or to achieve any of a number of couples goals that fit. And, importantly, to jointly take each person's position and feelings into a safe and caring realm, at least as much as is possible for your circumstances, to achieve understanding, solutions, and progress toward the best outcome achievable. 

I look forward to your call about a consultation, and I know that relationship issues are so tender, so full of promise and yet plagued with pained disappointment. I'm here to support, guide, and jointly work on weaving an outcome that is most optimal. 

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