Is this your time? 

Is this when you will choose to follow the inner signposts of your emotions? We can work to clarify your thoughts, and to explore complex feelings. Then, with support, you can choose, design, and live your happier, more fulfilled life.  

There's no rush, no contest, no regimented plan or technique. You can work at your own pace, fast or slowly, benefiting from results-oriented Cognitive Behavioral techniques. 

Would you love to actively choose the happier and more fulfilling life everyone is "supposed" to have?  That seems elusive, right? How about just the most satisfying choices you make, to reach your own goals and potential? Much better, right? 

In general, I can help you identify some clear, logical steps for getting closer to success, often in a relatively short time. And, we will shift uncomfortable emotions, and find more a more comfortable space for your feelings to reside in.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about recent advances in psychology, and to discover ways in which you can harness thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to reach your important goals! 

Dr. Carol 

Carol Tyler, Ph.D., 
Licensed Psychologist

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Adult, child, teen, family and couples therapy
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Here's more detail if you would like to read on. But please, if your are hurting and want to jump right in and get a consultation for making an appointment, the phone number is on each page, and I'm here for you! 

I'm so happy to be trusted to offer support, empathy, and help. From relationships to anxiety, to anger and depression, to your challenging career, to finding yourself and maybe a great partner… we'll look at how the interplay of emotions, thoughts and behavior can be reworked, to get you to where you would like to be. Or, you and your partner. Or, your child, or your whole family! 

Can we turn "issues" into relief --     and anxiety into action? This is the goal! Cognitive behavioral psychology has an excellent track record for straightforward, understandable techniques that clients easily master. These techniques are learned in session, applied to examples, and then -- importantly -- taken out into your own life, to apply as you go, adjusting and changing what didn't work before, to what gets you to where you would like to be!

Individual Cognitive Therapy

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How Therapy Helps Emotions  

It's surprising, but it does make sense that even the most uncomfortable emotions are our allies. Working closely with emotions, rather like consulting a car's indicator lights, we are pointed exactly to thoughts that are key in creating a path to goals and satisfaction!

Where do you want to go? And when? Now could be the right time to take charge of your emotions, harness your best thoughts, dream, and make great choices.

I enjoy working with individuals (adults, teens, children), with conflicted, committing, or uncoupling couples, and with families of all compositions. There is no discrimination in my practice, nor in my heart!. My specialties are trauma and abuse, and also loss and grieving, as well as working with emotions, problem solving, decisions, and growth psychology. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Where Are You Now?   

So, do you repair your own car? Usually not, right? And in the same way, tough emotions and difficult decisions often deserve a professional when it comes to tuning these up. Whether you call it "psychotherapy," counseling, coaching, or support, now could be the right time to take charge of your emotions, harness your best thoughts, dream, and make great choices. You know yourself best, of course. Is it time to get some support?  

As your psychologist, I can help guide and inform you. Your need might be a clearer focus, and to break free from the blur of emotions.  With a bit of humor along the way, and a lively two-way conversational approach, I help people to fix some things, to feel relief and even mastery. We can work together to make plans that work.  Things might be bleak or stressed or scary now. But after a bit, it's surprising that people even learn how to enjoy the journey that is therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a time tested, evidence based, and fairly quickly effective method of  achieving relief and desired changes. My work is quite active and practical. Our down-to-earth, practical dialog -- whether in the office, at your home, on the phone or via online formats -- allows for reality-based, self directed choices and plans that work. I provide empathic, confidential feedback, guidance and support as you go for what you want, at your own pace.

In short: Got happiness? Feeling stuck, maybe hopeless? Stressed? Crisis, change, loss, grief, … or "just" an everyday problem? Let's talk!