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My style and bio

Here's How I Work: 

As a psychologist who plays an active role in therapy conversations (no silent treatment from me, I promise!), I help guide stuck people.

You will be developing new resources and confidence, as you deal with the low lying fruit and learn to tackle the tough, delicate problems that may have pointed you to seek therapy.  Where do you want to go? And when? Now could be the right time to take charge of your emotions, harness your best thoughts, dream, and make great choices. I work as your active guide.

I'm here to expertly and compassionately help you move from distress and crisis, to resolution and growth. My focus is on anxiety and depression, as well as other emotions which can be debilitating yet powerful motivators to change for the better.

Additionally, I specialize with clients who are grieving, in bereavement, and who have suffered significant loss. I also specialize in trauma therapy, including sexual abuse, domestic violence, and victimization. A niche interest of mine is twins, and resolution of other sibling issues. I enjoy working with individuals (adults, teens, children), couples, and families. My specialties are trauma and abuse, and also loss and grieving, as well as working with emotions, problem solving, decisions, and growth psychology. 

My formal education in psychology includes a Ph.D., a master's degree, and a bachelor's degree, all in the field of psychology. Also, I regularly update my education with "CEU'S" -- continuing education units, as a state requirement for licensed psychologists and in fact for all other licensed mental health professionals. In addition to coursework pertaining to ethics, these units allow me to expand my depth of knowledge and to stay fresh in familiar topics and skills. Also, I actively use this training to keep up with new professional developments in the field of therapy.  

​Over a deeply rewarding 20+ year career, I've been fortunate to be able to help support and sometimes even turn around so many wonderful people's lives -- lives that needed an understanding guide through the issues of … life!