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Serving Whatcom & Skagit, and Washington & California Online.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome! I'm Dr. Carol Tyler, a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience -- serving Washington state and California.

Serving You Online, in Washington and California

Would you like to connect online, from  Washington, or from California?

Telepsychology is an easy way to have  appointments, whether in the same town, or as near as your cell phone or laptop. 

It's simple to start almost right away. Online (secure video, and email) and phone appointments for adult Washington State and California residents are technically simple to set up, and so convenient. Please ask me about working together virtually, for WA and CA, as well as about in-person appointments for: Bellingham (and Whatcom County), and Los Angeles County. Both ways are effective! 


Here You Are. So, what's going on for you, right now?

Right now, you might be hurting, or stuck, or just needing a sounding board. I'm here to help you get from Point A to Point B and beyond. Your very awareness of your "pain points," brought into talk therapy," becomes a  rewarding entry point for shifting toward where you deeply want to be. And how you want to be. So let's talk more about this journey. About your journey. 

It's so important to have a listening heart and a helping, logical mind at your side. What's it like in therapy with me? Yes, I do inject humor, sit cross-legged if I'm in the mood (go ahead, grab that coffee and put your feet up!), and my style might be described as "cooperative conversational." Be assured, there's nothing stuffy about me or this whole therapy process. 


What to Expect from Me

When you're ready, I'll personally answer or return your call. There's no answering service. I want to speak personally with you, to hear your own unique needs. So please leave a message if I don't answer right away, and I'll most usually return your call the same day. 


I also know how important it is for me to offer you a chance to evaluate how well we could work together, in a brief conversation in which we will together determine the best approach for your important needs. What do you want to work on? Sometimes it's one thing, or a list, and also, stuff comes up along the way.


For myself, I'm very comfortable  online (secure video and email), and also on the phone, as well as in person, so you have choices.

What works for you, technically and also geographically? Whether you are "local" or would like to become a telehealth client (living in Washington or California), here's a very warm welcome to you! I sincerely hope to speak with you soon. Please look around the website, and call when you're ready.   

 Bellingham, WA


If you feel that you're struggling  

I'm here to help.

With confidentiality, and a relaxed, friendly approach.

WELCOME! So what does life look like for you,

right now? 


Burned out professional? Frustrated parent?

Relationship, couple or breakup issues?

Career challenges? Child or teen difficulties? 

Grieving, sad, unhappy? Anger? Abused? Illness?

Gender, sexual, or special personal issues?                              I'm here to help.

Is there something that's really hard to talk

about, like abuse or trauma?  Self esteem, eating

or image issues? Scared of aging, or being alone?

A long-held secret or concern? This is the tough

stuff of life. We all go through it.

It's good to get support. Talk therapy that works. 

For over 20 years, I've been the therapist for

people with "stuff," sometimes small, sometimes big. Perhaps acute trauma and prolonged grieving, or abuse.

Picking up the phone to call can be so hard. When you are ready, I'm here.

Maybe others can't see how much you hurt or feel confused, or how hopeless things seem, as you chart your own unique path. Here you have a safe space to sort things out, to plan, to dream, and to do. To realize who and how and what you would love to be. 

I offer confidentiality, concern, and a nice-sized bag of evidence-based therapeutic techniques and tips.​ Our talk will sound like everyday conversation between people working on a puzzle, aiming toward a great solution. And you will remain the expert on you. I've served as the therapist, coach and teacher for thousands of clients, yet I still marvel at everyone's profound individuality. What's your story? Please check out my site, and call for now or as soon as you're ready, so that we can discuss how we might work together. I'm sure you're eager to get closer and closer to a great place, to peace, and to your style of success.  

I'm here for you! Onward through the pebbles and boulders of life. Let's do this! 



Dr.Carol (650) 218-6839

Ready to see how we can work together? Thinking of scheduling your 

counseling appointment? 


           I will answer your call personally, 

            and return your message ASAP.

I surely know it's hard to ask for help! And, once you make that first call, you can open amazing doors you may never have dreamed existed! 

I'm here to journey with you, to explore, to wonder, to problem solve and move closer to what you need.To learn how to shed stress, to be supported and guided in a nonjudgmental way, in a safe context. To identify and choose really meaningful goals for your own life and way of being that is "you," not someone else's definition of you. To get past current difficulties, to work through the past as well, and to live deeply in intention and outcome. Let's journey!

Dr. Carol


Your Options and My Services -- Including Telehealth and Coaching

      Dr. Carol Tyler, Licensed Psychologist

My local clinical practice is located in Bellingham, Washington, and I serve Whatcom and Skagit "in-person" clients, and beyond...

Not local? Not a problem! "Telehealth" options are available, for both local and long distance therapy and coaching clients. (Email, secure video platforms, and of course, phone calls!) 

Please check out the menu tabs at the top of each page, and find out where you might fit. I specialize in working with acute trauma, bereavement, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, and couples conflict, and with many issues unique to each of us. My clients include individual adults, couples, families, kids and teens. How can I serve you?


  • Individual Therapy / Counseling, Consulting
  • Family Therapy, Children and Teens
  • Couples Therapy: Finding Common Ground, Strengthening, Rebuilding; Infidelity; Compassionate Support During Dissolution
  • Empathic, Practical Help with Emotional Issues (anxiety; stress; depression; anger, shyness and social discomfort, etc.)
  • Grief, Bereavement, and Accommodation to Loss     
  • Logical, Structured Support for Making Difficult Decisions; Moving through Transitions and Challenges
  • Positive Growth Therapy for Maximizing Your Potential, Achieving Dreams & Goals             
  • Coaching: Personal, Job, and Business Coaching
  • Career Counseling and Student Counseling:  Support for all ages
  • Executive, and Business Owner Coaching and Consultation    
  • Public Speaking, Training & Seminars

 Don't see your exact need? Everyone has unique  circumstances and needs. Please call so that we can discuss how your needs can best be met.